At-home and gym workouts for every level

Workout in the comfort of your own home or take me and my programs with you to the gym! Plus, everything is easily scalable from beginner to advanced.


The features you need to succeed


Set workout reminders to stay on track!


Complete at least one workout every week to get a streak!


Join a fun, active, supportive community to ask questions, share success, and more


Log your weights and reps to track your progress, plus take notes!


Save your favorite workouts with the click of a button


Easy-to-follow videos for every workout in the app

Exclusive programs

Follow Along Daily

  • 30 minutes workouts, posted 5 days/week
  • Do at home or in the gym with minimal equipment
  • Perfect combination of weightlifting, cardio and core exercises
  • Get access to weekly nutrition plans & monthly recipe packs

    Exclusive programs

    Ab Rehab Program

    • Improve your core strength with this series of workouts
    • Designed to help maximize your results with minimal effort
    • Perfect for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced
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      Exclusive programs

      Beginner Program

      • Perfect program for beginners (or even intermediate level!) for those who don't know where to start
      • 4 weeks of progressive programming to build up to strength
      • Complete at home or in the gym with minimal equipment
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        Exclusive programs

        Gym Body Program

        • Take my app to gym with you and complete 4 weeks of progressive programming
        • Intermediate and advanced exercises for those looking to level up
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          Check out what my clients have to say!

          “I love her workouts and the positive attitude”

          Mackenzie has changed a lot for me in just 1 month! I’m sure 10 months from now I will be glorifying her even more! I love her workouts and the positive attitude she has on the daily basis! She keeps me encouraged, makes me sweat, and has changed my body in so many ways! I would encourage anyone to give her a chance to change your life!

          Jolene Wilson

          Check out what my clients have to say!


          💪 Mackenzie does a fantastic job of keeping the workouts interesting and fun! Highly recommend!! 💪

          Jodi Kuschel Ahnefeld

          Check out what my clients have to say!

          “She knows what she is doing”

          Absolutely would recommend Mackenzie Wells Fitness to ANYONE I know. I was able to do her workouts while pregnant with modifications and now postpartum she is still kicking my butt. Her classes are challenging but she also provides modifications for different fitness levels. I’ve been going to her classes for years and I feel stronger and in shape. She knows what she is doing and I will keep hitting play because I enjoy the workouts and this fitness community she created!

          Kaitlin Howell

          Be part of a team

          Join my interactive community and chat with me and so many other awesome people who are on the same journey as you. Post pictures and videos of your progress, talk to others, and so much more!

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          Hi, I'm Mackenzie.
          and I'm really
          happy you're here!

          I’m the lucky wife to Dakota, momma to three amazing kids, and an ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Between work, ball games, farm chores, and family time, you can find me at the gym doing what I love — teaching fitness classes and encouraging women to feel strong and empowered in their own skin.

          My love for fitness generated from my love for sports — playing at both the high school and collegiate level. But fitness took the back burner when I focused on growing a family and career. Three children later, I began striving for that fitness lifestyle once again because, quite frankly, I felt like crap. So, I worked really hard to get in shape — I loved the process and rekindled that fire. I then decided to get certified as a trainer and have been teaching fitness classes for six years now. My crew of ladies is like family to me now, and recently I have decided to share my workouts in an app with all of you. Come join me and let's conquer your fitness journey together